Below are the Endless Summer Vacations Terms and Conditions that are included as a part of our Guest Rental Agreement - along with other rental specific information such as: property address, bedding, TVs, amenities, rate, payments, taxes, balance, security deposit, arrival date, departure date, additional restrictions, guests, maximum occupancy limitations, linen packages, extras, etc. These Rental Terms and Conditions have been provided only for your information and do not need to be signed and returned.

Payment of Deposits and Balances. Payment of the indicated Advanced Rent must be received by the Agent by the indicated due date along with this properly executed Rental Agreement to confirm a reservation. Otherwise, the reservation may be automatically canceled and made available to other renters. The balance due (including security deposit) is due by the indicated balance due date. Payment may be made by check, VISA, MasterCard, or certified funds. No Checks are accepted within 21 days of arrival, or at check-in. Renter agrees to pay the Agent a $25 returned check fee per returned check.

Security Deposit, A Minimum $200 Security Deposit is required for all rentals. The Security Deposit will be returned by mail within 30 days of departure, minus any costs for damage, loss, excessive cleaning, non-returned keys, or any amounts deemed necessary by the Agent to cover any problems created by the Renter's action or inaction.

Check-in and Check-Out Location. The Renter agrees to Check-in and Check-out at Sloan Realty and Management, 9662 US Highway 17 N (Galleria Shopping Center), Myrtle Beach, SC.

Check-in Between 3:00 PM 6:00 PM. Renter agrees be present with valid photo identification to Check-in. The Agent will make best efforts to have the Property ready for Check-in by 3:00 PM, but reserves the right to extend the check-in time for maintenance, special cleaning, and/or inspection issues. Renter agrees not to go to the Property before Agent has issued keys to the Renter to prevent disruption of. Agent's cleaning, maintenance, and inspection schedules. The Renter understands that if the Renter fails to check-in and/or pay any balance due by 6:00 PM, the Renter's reservation may be considered a "no show cancellation" and made available to other renters.

Late Check-in after 6:00 PM. Late Check-in is available with advance notice for pre-paid Renters. Renter agrees to call Agent for Late Check-in Instructions before 6:00 PM and complete registration at the Check-in location before 12:00 noon the following day. ?

Check Out Before 10:00 AM. Renter agrees to remove all personal belongings, complete the Agent's Check Out procedures, and return all keys to the Check-in and Check Out location before 10:00 AM of the scheduled date of departure. .

Maximum Occupancy Limits. Renter agrees not to exceed the maximum number of indicated guests, including small children.

Cancellations, Changes, and Transfers. The Renter understands that all cancellations, changes in dates, and/or transfers must be made before thirty (30) days of the scheduled arrival date. No refunds will be made for any cancellation, change in dates, and/or transfers made less than thirty (30) days prior to arrival date, unless the property is re-rented for the same dates. All cancellations, changes, and transfers must be made in writing and are subject to a $60 processing fee.

Arrival Inspection. The Renter agrees to inspect the Property immediately upon arrival and promptly report any pre-; existing property damage, inoperable equipment and furnishings, unsatisfactory cleaning conditions, unsafe conditions, inoperable smoke alarms, and inventory shortage to the Agent.

Condition of the Property. The Property will be cleaned by Agent's cleaning contractor (or owner) and inspected prior to Check-in. The Property is privately owned and contains the furnishings, appliances, kitchenware, utilities, and mechanical systems required for normal living conditions for the designated occupancy. The Agent shall not be responsible for providing any additional furnishings and inventory items. The Agent cannot guarantee there will be no operational failure of appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, TVs, furnishings, and other mechanical systems. The Agent agrees to make reasonable efforts to make timely repairs and correct unsatisfactory cleaning conditions during normal business hours.

Responsibility for Property Damage and Loss. The Renter agrees to pay for all loss and damage to the Property, its contents, and grounds resulting from acts or actions of, the Renter and Renter's guests during the Renter's occupancy. Renter agrees to use all equipment, appliances, furnishings, electrical systems, plumbing, and facilities in a proper and reasonable manner. No contents are to be removed from the Property.

Departure Cleaning. Departure Cleaning is included. Additional maid services are available at additional costs. The Renter agrees to wash and put away all kitchenware (including dishwasher items), and remove all trash before departure. Excessive cleaning costs will be charged to the Security Deposit.

Linen and Towel Packages. Linens and Towels are not included unless specified. Optional Linen and/or Towel Packages are available for an additional cost at non-inclusive Properties. Linen and Towel packages include a onetime installation of bed linens, towels, and washcloths. Additional Linen and Towel Services are available at additional costs.

No House Parties Allowed. Rentals to fraternity, sorority, school, or any non-family groups under 25 years of age are prohibited. Maximum occupancy for approved non-family groups is one half of the above-indicated Maximum Number of Guests. Renter agrees to immediately vacate the Property without a refund upon the Agent's demand if the Renter allows a House Party at the Property. The Renter agrees to be personally responsible for any damages to the Property, its personal property, and its grounds, and shall be subject to criminal and/or civil prosecution.

Substitution. The Renter understands and agrees that in the event the Agent is unable to deliver the above indicated Property because of fire, Act of Nature, governmental order, eminent domain, lack of utilities, construction delays, maintenance, or booking error, the Agent's sole liability shall be a full refund of all payments tendered by the Renter.

Telephone. Renter agrees not to make or accept any telephone calls that result in a toll charge to the Property.

No Renter Subletting or Assignment. Renter understands that the Rental Agreement cannot be assigned, or the Property sublet.

Non-liability and Indemnification of Agent and Owner. Renter agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Agent and Owner from any and all costs, expenses, legal proceedings, attorney's fees, suits, claims or demands, whether from loss of life, theft, casualty, break-in, damage to personal property, or injury to the Renter, Renter's family or guests in the Property, project, or grounds, unless the same was due solely to the willful act or gross negligence of the Agent or Owner.

Right of Entry. The Agent and its contractors shall have the right to enter the Property without advanced notice during reasonable hours to make repairs, perform cleaning, and/or make inspections.

Rules, Regulations, and Laws. The Renter agrees to comply with the rules, regulations and/or laws of the Homeowners', Association, Sloan Realty and Management Ltd., regulatory agencies, insurance agencies, and/or governmental entities.

Default By Renter. The Renter agrees to accept complete legal and financial responsibility for the act and actions of all of the Renter's guests and visitors and understands and agrees that upon violation of any terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement, the Agent may, at the Agent's sole discretion, immediately terminate this Rental Agreement with no refund of the security deposit and unused portion of the rents and may enter the Property without suit, court order, or notice to the Renter, and remove the Renter, the .Renter's guests, and their belongings.

Evacuation. In the event of a governmental mandatory evacuation order, the Agent will refund a pro-rata portion of the rental rate for the official mandatory evacuation period to Renters that comply with the Agent's Check Out policies. Refunds will be made by mail or credit card refund (where applicable) within 30 days of the Renter's scheduled date of departure.

Subject to Change and Correction. The Agent has made a diligent effort to ensure that all information in the Agent's advertising, rates, brochures, and property features included above are accurate and complete. However, the Renter agrees not to hold the Agent responsible for typographical errors, omissions, price changes, addition errors, and other changes made by the Owner to furnishings, bed arrangements, phone numbers, and equipment.

24: Non Smoking Properties. The Renter agrees not to allow any kind of smoking in a designated "No Smoking Property." Renter understands that the entire Security Deposit will be forfeited in the event the Agent determines that smoking occurred in a non-smoking Property during the Renters occupancy.

Project Amenities. The Agent or Owner is not responsible for the operation, maintenance, and/or closure of Project Amenities (I.E. pool, hot tub, elevators, tennis court, restaurant, bar, etc.) that are under the control of a Homeowners Association. Renter agrees that there will be no refund, rental rate pro-ration, or relocation in the event of their operational failure and/or closure.

Parking Limitations. No Motorcycles, trailers, or RV's are allowed at any properties. Parking Permits are required at all properties. During May-September, Parking Permits are limited to 2 vehicles per unit except for Ocean Bridge (1/unit), A Place at the Beach I (1/unit), and all Cottages (3/unit).

Collection and Enforcement Costs. In the event the Agent or Owner employs legal counsel or professional collection agencies to enforce and/or collect any amounts due the Agent or Owner under this Rental Agreement, the Renter agrees to pay for all costs of litigation and collection, including reasonable attorney's fees, if the Agent or Owner prevails in said action.

Prohibited. No pets of any kind. No fireworks or explosives. No weapons. No grilling, except in designated areas. No candles. No loud or objectionable noise and music. No obnoxious, abusive, or dangerous behavior. No throwing objects from balconies or windows. No feeding birds from balconies.

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